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New! Zuga Singles - Zuga to go!

Take Your Zuga With You!

Originally we made these just for samples, but everyone wanted more of them!

so hey… why not?

Zuga Singles.. (..er doubles?)

Each Single has TWO PACKS worth of Sugar and is priced per gram similar to the 454G pouch so it’s like the little packages are free!


Zuga Singles – 10pack


Zuga Singles!

“Zuga to Go”

I like the idea of having my Sweetness with me!


Zuga Singles – 100 Pack


Zuga Singles!

“Zuga to Go”

100 x Zuga Singles – enough for double sugar in 100 coffees!

I use Zuga in my coffee all the time – and want to have some with me and to give away to friends!


Traditional Zuga Pouches

454 Gram Pouch

“Zuga and I are getting familiar”

Granular Erythritol 454 Gram Pouch

I use Zuga as a loose sugar for coffee or tea. I’m just trying it out or it’s a gift for someone I care about. 

I’m a Sweet Friend!

This is the right Zuga for me!


1 Kg Pouch

“Zuga and I are old Pals”

Granular Erythritol 1 KG Pouch

I use Zuga in my drinks, as loose sugar on occasion… especially on my cinnamon toast!

cinnamon toast!

This is the right Zuga for me!


5 Kg Pouch

“Zuga is my BFFS”

(Best Friend For Sweetening)Granular Erythritol 5 KG Pouch 

I use Zuga in my coffee, as a loose sugar, for baking and everywhere else!

Sugar without the consequences!

This is the right Zuga for me!


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