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Why I Use ZUGA

I have been a user of Zuga, a natural sugar substitute, for about 6 months.

One of the best reasons I decided to use Zuga, is because I was diagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes one year and a half ago and I was committed to reversing that diagnosis so I could have a healthy, happy, productive senior life.

As a 79-year-old mother of four loving, well-functioning, respectable, contributing adults, a grandmother of six adults and two teenaged beautiful souls and great-grandmother of five developing, growing, and learning children, I have a lot of reasons to remain healthy for the rest of the years I am given. How wonderful that there is a product on the market that allows me to support my nutritional goal!

After the diabetes diagnosis, I decided I needed to let go of using sugar and its possibly devastating future response to my body. I completely changed my food habit, by going with a vegan, plant-based diet and using no more regular sugar! The latter was a tough decision, as any person who likes the occasional sweet treat will recognize! However, if I wanted to keep and even improve my health, it was essential to decide on that goal.

In one year I officially and completely reversed Type 2 diabetes. I am still plant-based and now I am also very grateful that with Zuga, I can still have some sweet baking and home-made treats without detriment to my health!

Zuga is made from corn husks, in a special process, which then gives rise to name it what it is; a natural product.

Zuga does not ever raise my blood sugar, either in drinks, in baking, or in my daily use!

Zuga does not have an aftertaste like other sugar substitutes.

Zuga is compliant with my plant-based and vegan program.


My Experience With ZUGA

I use Zuga in daily use when I feel the need for something sweet, like on my porridge, oatmeal, or cornmeal which I regularly eat with flax seed and plant milk.

I cook with Zuga, in making pudding, cranberry sauce or rhubarb-strawberry conserve for use on pancakes or French toast.

I bake with Zuga, making cakes, cookies, or biscuits and other normal recipes, just substituting Zuga where the recipe calls for sugar or brown sugar.

In my baking experience, regular recipes use a lot of sugar, a lot more than I was ever comfortable with. Zuga is about 25 percent less sweet than regular sugar. I use the same amount of Zuga the recipe calls for giving me the sweet taste I am after.

Zuga crystals dissolve when added to foods heated on the stove, like sauces, but when the sauce cools there is a slight crystallization and thus a bit of a sweet crunch to the sauce. I personally do not mind and found I like that texture.

When Zuga is powdered like icing sugar, it does not need as much melting and makes icing a cake a treat. I use Zuga and lemon juice for instance, on top of a lemon loaf with delightful results!

I make Icing Zuga by grinding the crystals in my little Magic Bullet mixer.

(A coffee or spice grinder would work as well.)

Cooking with Zuga does not thicken sauces I make but if I want to have a thicker sauce, I use a bit of tapioca flour.

I love using Zuga and am very grateful it is available!!


Love and success to Zuga!

Inger J.F Droog

Verified CustomerZuga Natural Sweetener

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