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Local Delivery: We handle local free delivery ourselves so local free delivery is often the same day on orders before 11am.

Shipping: Delivery for Local orders after 2 pm is generally the next day

Paid Non-Local Shipping: We endeavour to get the package in the mail within 4 hours of receipt of order

Our phone is always on, we take calls and can work with you on delivery times and any other concerns. Just give us a call!

Is this a Natural Sweetener?

Zuga is 100% natural derived from Non GMO Corn and created through fermentation.

How Sweet is Zuga?

If you use Zuga for baking, we recommend using it 1 to 1. Even as it is 75% as sweet as sugar, it seems to get sweeter when cooked.

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I stopped using processed sugar 2 years ago but I still love baking and making desserts. Zuga is great for keto deserts as it gives just enough sweetness! You don’t need to worry about any harmful effects and enjoy the delicious desserts at the same time. 

I was using Xylitol but switched to Zuga. Zuga doesn’t have the after taste like stevia and monk fruit sweetener. I’ve tried them all and ended up sticking with Zuga.

The product came in 2 days without any delay and they contacted me to find out if everything was okay! 

Thank you for the great product. I really appreciate checking with me after the purchase as I know that I can trust them to deliver this great product quickly!

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