Frequently Asked Questions

Despite its chemical-sounding name, Zuga Erythritol is a completely natural sourced product that is a naturally-occurring in Nature! It is  found in certain fruits or fermented foods, grapes, wine, corn, and honey, produced by the natural method of microbial fermentation.

Zuga Erythritol sweetener products are safe for all individuals. The safety of ingredients in Zuga Erythritol sweetener products is well-established on a global basis and approved for use by the WHO as well as the FDA and most national consumer safety agencies.

Zuga Erythritol is 30% less sweet than sugar and has zero calories zero effect on blood glucose level so that it is ideal for diabetics.

Many studies have shown that artificial sweeteners have adverse health effects on children and adults. In fact, some artificial sweeteners have recently been linked as a cause for diabetes in children.  Zuga is perfectly safe for human consumption with no health side effects and are safe for diabetics and others on a low-glycemic index diet.

Erythritol is an ideal sugar alternative on the ketogenic diet. It is keto-friendly because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar or insulin.

It has few side effects, has close to zero net carbs, and even has some health benefits.

90% of erythritol is excreted from your body unchanged rather than being metabolized, making it effectively a very-low-calorie choice.

Studies have found that erythritol doesn’t affect glucose, insulin, cholesterol, triglycerides, or electrolytes.

A lot of erythritol products available in the market are made from corn, so just make sure that the erythritol you’re buying is made from non-GMO corn. Zuga Erythritol is certified NON-GMO! 

Just about anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake, lose weight or improve their health can benefit from using our erythritol as a sugar substitute. It’s a favorite among low-carb dieters and diabetics as well as sugar-free and paleo bakers. Plus, it’s proven safe for kids and pets too! 

Erythritol is great for persons of any age looking to avoid sugar for either health or diet reasons. It’s especially beneficial for diabetics that need to watch their blood sugar or insulin levels. If you are prone to cavities, erythritol is a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pregnant women and children should avoid consuming erythritol since there are no long term studies to prove it’s 100% safe for these types of populations. 

The erythritol is currently available in our Webstore.

Located in Northeast Calgary, Zuga is the ONLY bulk and commercial provider of Erythritol in Alberta.  We specialize in purchases in excess of 5Kg and cater our services to commercial kitchens of all sizes. If you are a caterer, or a cook for an institution, or a commercial food producer that wants to offer a sugar-free option to your customer base, we are the source for bulk and commercial erythritol in Western Canada.

If you are just someone who uses erythritol at home, and you want to buy it in larger quantities, we are pleased to help!

You can buy it on our website here, or you can call us and we will arrange for delivery of your purchase!

Of course! Substitute our natural sweeteners for sugar in any of your favorite recipes and you – and your family- will not be able to tell the difference! Certain products are better for baking than others, so make sure to read the labels and choose the perfect natural sweetener for your fluffy pastry recipes. 

Zuga Erythritol is 30% less sweet than sugar and has zero calories zero effect on blood glucose level so that it is ideal for diabetics.

Yes, our products are especially great if you are diabetic as they contain little to no carbs and are totally sugar-free. 

Zuga is prepared without meat, milk, or any of their derivatives and therefore are permissible to be eaten with both meat and dairy dishes according to dietary laws.

Our packaging facility and office is located in Northeast Calgary.

Yes, all of our products are Keto diet-friendly as they are low carb.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard via Stripe) and PayPal.

It is a little less sweet compared to sugar, so if your re-calibrated keto tongue loves your food and drinks a little less sweet then go ahead and replace it at a ratio of 1:1 to sugar.

However, if you’re looking to achieve the same level of sweetness of sugar in your drinks and bakes, you can use about 25% more than you would sugar. For example, for 1 tsp of sugar, you can use about 1 1/4 tsp of erythritol.

We have been told and have noticed ourselves that if you use Zuga for Baking, you may find it to be even sweeter tasting than sugar. This is a subjective observation.

We try to ship all orders within one business day.

Once your order ships, you will receive an automated shipping confirmation email containing your tracking information. If you do not find your confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number.

Zuga’s normal “Best Before” dates are approximately 2 years after manufacture. Expected effects after surpassing the best before date is a little caking that can occur, but the product itself does not degrade or mold. Each bag has an “Best Before” date on it.