Our Mission

Zuga imports, packages, and distributes an all-natural and Non GMO, plant based sugar replacement product made from sugar alcohols which has properties almost identical to sugar, including taste (with no aftertaste), texture and appearance while having none of the calories, carbs, or damaging health effects of sugar.
Our aim is to introduce our sugar substitute not only to the store shelves as loose sugar, but also into the local food manufacturing stream.
We believe that this will reduce or eliminate the amount of hidden sugars that are consumed by people who are trying to live healthier lifestyles through reduced sugar consumption.

You also have a choice. You can simply replace your sugar with Zuga. The change will be almost seamless and give you control of your life.

Keto friendly

In 2018, one of our founders, Mike, decided it was time to go on a keto diet in order to lose some of that accumulated weight – and simply to just feel better.

Unfortunately, changing to a keto diet was hard; and not for the reasons one would think! In fact, with a keto diet, one is rarely hungry or deprived. The difficulty is in finding keto-friendly food!

After a short period of time, Mike came to the conclusion that the keto diet was going to be a permanent part of his lifestyle. He started looking for ways to come up with long term solutions to his food needs.

On the top of the list? Sweeteners! Who can live without sweets indefinitely? This was a big issue for a long term keto diet – because mike likes sugar, but hates sugar Subsitutes. He went onto amazon and into the stores and bought pretty much every sugar substitute on the market, hoping to find one he could live with. He kept seeing erythritol on the market, but did not buy it because it simply sounded like a chemical.

After a dozen different fails on the sweetener front, mike was desperate enough to buy that expensive little bag of erythritol (at that time, it was more than 35.00 per kilo). A couple days later, it arrived, and mike tried it… and couldn’t believe it’s not sugar. He became a bit of a nuisance with his family and friends, walking around with a little Tupperware container getting people to try it and give him feedback. Well, a few months later the brothers had a chat and decided to launch Zuga; bought packaging machines and product, rented a commercial space, and went through the licensing and certification processes with the city of Calgary, Alberta health the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Perfect for Diabetes

In 2019, our Mom turned 78 and was diagnosed with prediabetes. (She will admit freely her passion for chocolate and sweet baked goods.) The doctor put her on meds, blood sugar monitoring, and visits to a diabetes clinic. She was on the path to the dreaded regimen of insulin shots. Well, Mom wasn’t having it!

She immediately changed to a vegan diet and eliminated sugar completely from her diet.

Fortunately for her, she had two sons that had just started a diabetic friendly sugar replacement company, so she already knew about the best product to use to continue her baking!

Well, after 6 months or so of a sugar-free lifestyle, she was taken off medication and had no more need for the diabetes clinic! She had reversed her diabetes with determination and the help of Zuga to replace sugar in her baking.

This solidified our reason for being. To empower individuals to have a choice.