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Shipping Concerns?

If anything about your order isn’t as expected, please call us and we will make it right – right now!

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Frequent Questions

How Long Will Shipping Take?

Local Delivery: We handle local free delivery ourselves so local free delivery is often the same day on orders before 11am.

Shipping: Delivery for Local orders after 2 pm is generally the next day

Paid Non-Local Shipping: We endeavour to get the package in the mail within 4 hours of receipt of order

Our phone is always on, we take calls and can work with you on delivery times and any other concerns. Just give us a call!

Is this a Natural Sweetener?

Zuga is 100% natural derived from Non GMO Corn and created through fermentation.

How Sweet is Zuga?

If you use Zuga for baking, we recommend using it 1 to 1. Even as it is 75% as sweet as sugar, it seems to get sweeter when cooked.

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Zero Bitter Aftertaste

100% Satisfaction

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– Zuga is great for keto deserts as it gives just enough sweetness and I don’t need to worry about any harmful effects. 

– I was using Xylitol but I was worried about harmful side effects so I switched to Zuga. Zuga also doesn’t have the after taste like stevia and monk fruit sweetener. I’ve tried them all and ended up sticking with Zuga.

– My Order came in 2 days without any delay and they contacted me to find out if everything was okay! 

– Thank you for the great product. I know that I can trust you to deliver this great product quickly!

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