For everyone who wants to move away from Sugar but still Enjoys something Sweet. Zero Carbs, Zero calories, Zero After-taste, Zero Inflammation, Zero Blood Sugar Effect.Tastes Like Sugar but has Zero of the negative effects that sugar causes. 

PSST… and There is a reason we registered “I cant believe its not sugar“®

I can't believe it's NOT SUGAR NOT SUGAR NOT SUGAR ®

About ZUGA

 Made from erythritol, Zuga is the sugar free sweetener with sugar-like taste that you have been looking for.

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Whether you are a person who uses a small amount of sweetener to fix your morning cuppa, or commercial food manufacturer looking for a new or back-up supplier of this great sweetener, you can order through our website. For residential sales, our 340 gm bag can be found in most Alberta Co-ops, Sobeys, Safeway or IGA stores. If you cannot find Zuga in your local grocery store, click the “Shop Now” button and order it from our online web store. Then let us know in the comments what store you shop at and we will reach out to them to see how we can get it on the shelves conveniently for you! As Norman Vincent Peale said “If you put off everything til you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.” and Karen Lamb said “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” Just click “Shop Now” and start enjoying the benefits of getting away from the ill-effects of sugar. Doing so sooner will allow you to enjoy healthier guilt free sweets!

our story

Our aim is to introduce our sugar substitute not only to the store shelves as loose sugar, but also into the local food manufacturing stream. We believe that this will reduce or eliminate the amount of hidden sugars that are consumed by people who are trying to live healthier lifestyles through reduced sugar consumption.

Because everyone should have the access to a sweetener that doesn’t steal their health!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Problem With Sweets Is That Everyone Knows That It’s Sugar That Makes Them Taste So Good. But We ALL KNOW That Sugar Is The Number One Contributor To Certain Types Of Diabetes, Energy Crashes (After The Sugar Rush), Mood Swings And Even Obesity. And While We Love Eating Cakes, Puddings And Pie A La Mode, We KNOW That Our Health Suffers As A Result Of It. We Know That Over Time Sugar Consumption Causes Insulin Resistance And Joint Inflammation And Is A Key Factor In Obesity. We All Hate That We Know Those Things, But The Sugar Temptations Are Real.
When You Use Zuga (Erythritol) You Will Be Able To Sweeten Your Cereal, Coffee, Cuppa, Cakes, Puddings, Ice Creams And Beverages Without Using Cane Or Beet Sugars Which Are Proven To Be Bad For Us.
Zuga Has Zero Carbs, Zero Calories And Is Also A Natural Antioxidant With Zero Glycemic Effect So It Is Safe For Pre-Diabetics And Diabetics Alike. Our Erythritol Does Not Contain Any Chemicals, High Intensity Sweeteners Or Other Non-Defined “Flavours”.
Zuga, Unlike Other Popular High Intensity Sweeteners, Does Not Contribute To Gut Health Imbalance, Nor Will It Harm Your Pets. Zuga Also Has No Dental Caries So It Does Not Promote Cavities.

” Zuga Natural Sweetener Is 100 % Erythritol Which Was Approved By Health Canada As A Table Top Sweetener Since 2001 In North America. It Is Also Globally Accepted By Most Any Consumer Safety Agency including The FDA, and the World Health Organization

” Despite Its Chemical-Sounding Name, Erythritol Is Completely Naturally Occuring In Nature In Certain Fruits, Or Fermented Foods Such As Grapes, Wine, Corn And Honey Produced By The Natural Method Of Microbial Fermentation.”

 Our Warehouse and Packaging Facility is in North East Calgary Alberta, but our product can be found in most Sobeys, Safeways, Iga’s and Co-Ops from Edmonton don to Lethbridge and in Canmore to Medicine Hat. We are Also found at Italian Centre Shops in Edmonton and Red Gables Deli in Canmore. If you cannot find us in the baking or sweetener aisle in the store you shop at, please place an order on the website, then in the comments where you can specify things about deliver, tell us the name and address of the store you would like to be able to buy it from and we will reach out to them to see if there is a way of supplying it to you through them. Thank you

“We prefer email transfers to sales@zuga.ca. And we also accept Visa and Master card payments at the check out via stripe.
Credit card charges of 3% will be applied at check out

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CHRISTIAN M.@christian.m
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Excellent product, will definitely recommend to friends and family….Cheers
Roan Melia
Roan Melia @raanmelia
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Amazing I like the granulated product appearance – it is just like sugar!


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